How to Play Tribes LT 5v5

Looking to join a competitive pickup game? Knowing how to play your position in various states of the match is crucial. Here's Stork's guide to LT.

Light Offense

LO = Light offense. Your job is to disrupt the enemy defense. More critically it is your job is to disrupt the enemy defense in such a way that it actually matters. It does no good to kill the enemy defense 7 seconds before your cappers arrive because they will respawn and stand a good chance of stopping your cappers anyway. Light offense are very ineffective when they are not coordinated with their cappers and on the flipside when they are coordinated with their cappers they make the defender’s job very hard.

LO do not need to run routes however quick front routes can be a great starting point for a LO as that gives you the flexibility to either clear the enemy defense or if the flag is open potentially make a grab. The primary focus for LO is to go to the enemy base, ask when your cappers are coming in, and try to kill at least one of the enemy defenders when your cappers are 5 to 10 seconds away from grabbing.

One of two things will happen. Either (A) your cappers will grab the flag or (B) they won’t.

A. If your cappers grabbed the flag:

Check if your team’s flag is secure. It either (1) is secure or (2) isn’t.

  1. Your flag is secure - Check with your other capper. If he’s going to camp you should respawn and play defense until your team caps or enters a STANDOFF SITUATION (see “Final Notes” tab). If he’s going to respawn you should get in position to camp. If you both have bad health it is probably best for both of you to respawn.

  2. Your flag is not secure - Get in position to kill the other team’s Home D. This bit is at once the least strict and most strict rule. It doesn’t HAVE to be you who kills the Home D but SOMEONE absolutely has to do it. So far teams seem to be pretty good about having one person call that they’re focusing on the Home D. More on this in the STANDOFF SITUATION section.

B. Your cappers failed to grab the flag

FIRST, check the status of your flag. If your flag is not safe then you have the same emergency grab responsibility as cappers. Your primary concern is to get the enemy flag off of their stand no matter what your health.

If your flag is secure check your health. Either you have (1) good health or (2) bad health.

  1. Good health - Try to hide until your cappers are coming in again or try to grab if it looks like you might get somewhere with it.

  2. Low health - If your cappers were spread out and another is coming in, keep trying to disrupt the defense. If no more cappers are coming in respawn and start again.