How to Play Tribes LT 5v5

Looking to join a competitive pickup game? Knowing how to play your position in various states of the match is crucial. Here's Stork's guide to LT.


The job of a chaser is mechanically difficult (which means you need good aim) but pretty simple in terms of decision making. You kill things. It’s pretty intuitive which things you kill. There are essentially three states of the game that you are concerned with: (A) your flag is at home, (B) your flag is not at home, and (C) STANDOFF SITUATIONS. Standoffs are covered in the final notes tab.

A. If your flag is at home:

Your job is to try to stop enemy grabs or at least to make sure the enemy cappers take damage when they grab. You want to be positioned on or very close to your flagstand and look for incoming cappers (call them out on voice comms or via the v chat menu, preferably with your best guess as to how long until they hit the stand). As cappers approach the stand try to bodyblock them, midair them, or to hit them when they near/on the stand. This can prevent the cappers from grabbing or at the very least disrupt their route and make it much easier to chase them.

B. If your flag is not at home

  • Your job is to rectify the situation. This means you chase the enemy who has your flag, you kill the enemy who has your flag, and you try to return your flag. There is only one thing to mention:

  • If you kill the enemy capper and he drops the flag somewhere in midfield, look around before you return it. If there are no enemies around stand close to the flag and tell your team you can return on demand (typically by saying, “our flag is secure.” on the v-chat or on voice). Then when your flag carrier calls for you to return the flag, do it. If AT ANY POINT you get spooked, return the flag no matter what anyone else told you.

  • If you kill the enemy capper and he drops the flag in his own base, don’t mess around. Return it.