How to Play Tribes LT 5v5

Looking to join a competitive pickup game? Knowing how to play your position in various states of the match is crucial. Here's Stork's guide to LT.

Home Defense

The Home D’s job is the same as the Chaser’s job when your flag is at home and wildly different when it isn’t. You also have an incredibly important role in STANDOFF SITUATIONS. As before, there are 3 situations that matter to you: (A) your flag is at home, (B) your flag is not at home, and (C) STANDOFF SITUATIONS. Standoff situations are covered in the Final Notes section.

A. If your flag is at home:

Your job is pretty much the same as the Chaser’s. Stop enemy grabs or at least damage enemy cappers as they grab. Call out incoming enemy cappers and pay attention to the calls your team is making. This is not an easy task but there’s also not a lot that can be said. You need to hit your shots and you need to have good awareness.

B. If your flag is not at home

  • Kill any enemies who are camping your base. You are the person responsible for finding campers and stopping them from getting regrabs.

  • IF, and ONLY IF, your base is clear of enemies, you may SOMETIMES need to go meet your capper in the field to take the flag from him. In general, I would recommend being extremely reluctant to do this unless asked. Your capper will have a better idea if they need someone to meet them than you do and if you go out and they don’t want you to things can get hairy fast.