Tribes 20th Anniversary Weekend

Tribes will be hitting the big 2-0 on November 30th, 2018 and we are planning to put together a 20th Anniversary Weekend. We are going to play as much Tribes as humanly possible. Depending on the response we will organize a Base tournament or at the very least we will have some fun pick up games and pubs. The plan is to have a reunion weekend/event for everyone to get their nostalgia going and play some old school Tribes. Additionally, as we still have an active community of LT players, we are organizing an LT tournament.

The goal is to get in touch with old veterans and new players alike to get as big of a turnout as possible for the anniversary weekend event and LT tournament. Currently, as far as organized events go, we are only planning for an LT tournament but if there is enough interest it would be awesome if we could get a Base tournament (or pickup games) and an arena/duel tournament as well. If you are interested please register using either the 20th Anniversary Reunion Weekend link or the LT tournament link. If you are signing up for the LT tournament no need to sign up for the event link. Please share this with anyone you think would be interested!


Any and all Tribes players! Old veterans, current players, and new players alike who want to celebrate the greatest game of all time.


A Tribes reunion weekend and LT tournament. There will be multiple servers up for each game type. The list of organized activities will expand as we get closer to November 30th.


Mark your calendars. The gaming event of the decade will take place the weekend of Friday, November 30th to Sunday December 2nd.


Coordination will be handled on the Tribes Talk Discord server. Tournament and other organized play will take place on servers sponsored by the community.


To play our favorite game with old friends, and perhaps make a few new ones.

Sign up for the Tribes 20th Anniversary LT Tournament
Sign up for the Tribes 20th Anniversary Reunion Weekend

And remember to join us on the Tribes Talk discord server as well. We still have active pubs every night and we are running pickup games through a bot in the discord server.